Recent Before & After Photos

Water Damage

This was a water damage in Pell City, AL. The slab was leaking and all of the carpet in the bedrooms was wet. We got in there and figured out what was wrong and... READ MORE

Leaky Walls!

Water damages occur a lot. Pipes busting or toilets overflowing or even refrigerator ice-maker lines busting, but we are prepared for any kind of water damage. ... READ MORE

Hotel Commercial Damage

This was a hotel that flooded in Texas. The whole first floor was flooded with 8 in of water. It damaged a whole lot of rooms including the indoor pool and hot ... READ MORE

Commercial Storm Damage

This was a commercial storm damage in Texas. It was a huge hurricane that came through and caused damage to this hotel. It is crazy to think that a hurricane ca... READ MORE

Bathroom Mold Damage

This was in a ladies bathroom in Lincoln. It was at a high school and it was a very bad mold damage. We had to tear out most of the walls and do a lot of cleani... READ MORE

Mold in a Bathroom

This was a mold damage in Lincoln. It was in a high school bathroom and had traveled through the bathroom. We had to tear out most of the walls and replace them... READ MORE

Fire Job

This was a fire that happened in a home in Sylacauga. We were able to get there as soon as possible and get in and start work as quickly as possible. We made su... READ MORE

Big Fire Job

This was a big fire job in Sylacauga that we had to do. It was so bad that it traveled to the neighbors house and we had to do a smoke damage on their home as w... READ MORE

Storm Damage

This was a storm damage in MO. We made sure to get there as quick as we possibly could. When we were able to get there the day after it happened, it was a compl... READ MORE

Big Storm Damage

This was a storm damage in MO. We drove out there and made sure to start right away. These people were devastated and needed our help as much as possible. The f... READ MORE