Recent Before & After Photos

Woods Mold Damage

This was a mold damage job in Childersburg, AL. It was a very serious mold damage. In fact, it has taken a few months for us to finish this mold job because it ... READ MORE

Mold Remediation

This was a mold damage in Childersburg, AL. It was caused by a water leak that had happened in the home. They had to tear out baseboards and trim along with wal... READ MORE

Mold Damage

This lady's home in Childersburg, AL was filled with mold throughout the house because of a water leak that wasn't taken care of correctly and it caused mold. W... READ MORE

Childersburg Mold Damage

This homeowner had mold all through her home from a pipe leaking. It was in Childersburg, AL and her home was covered in it. We were able to get in and tear out... READ MORE

Commercial Before & After

This school was a bad mold job. We got inside the school and tore out flooring as well as walls. Mold was present in all of the baseboards and in the classrooms... READ MORE

School Damage

This was a school mold damage that we serviced. It was in Sycamore, AL. Pretty good sized mold damage because it was in the classrooms as well as bathrooms. We ... READ MORE

Commercial Mold Job

This was a school mold remediation job. We went in and tore out all the flooring and some of the walls as well. We also tore out baseboards and trim in most of ... READ MORE

School Commercial Mold

This was a school commercial mold job. We were able to get in and tear out everything before it was able to spread anymore. We listened to the wants and concern... READ MORE

Roger's Damage

This is the Roger's home in Jacksonville, FL. We did storm work there that was caused by hurricane Matthew. It was terrible to see how much damage was caused to... READ MORE

Godbee Storm Damage

This storm damage was at the Godbee's house in Fernandina Beach, FL. It was after hurricane Matthew had come through and destroyed most of their home. They told... READ MORE